Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Coupons, You Def Need 2 Check Out NOW!

Head on over to the Better Oats Oatmeal website and fill in your information. They will they send you a coupon for a FREE carton of Better Oats oatmeal.
**Then follow these rules**
1.Cook your Better Oats and your old brand of oatmeal according to directions.
2.Try them both.
3.Tell them in an email or video which you liked best.

Click here
to get your coupon!

Love Figuring Out A Flavor Of Gum? I Love Mysterious Gums..Well If They Taste Good!HAHA
Click here to get a free pack of Stride Mystery Gum ( Click The Pack Of Gum Picture) ...DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER..It will not work..I had to use FireFox! ** Add Them As A Fan Too


James & Barb said...

My husband loves stride gum

darna12 said...

I like starwberry gum. the one in the black pacakge with the 5.