Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Want To Win A Cute Nail File?? Free Give-Away!

I'm giving one person a cute nail file,the summer is here and us ladies should look our best from head to toe! Contest Ends July 31,2009 and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment. If you post this on your blog or website,place the link as a comment for an extra entry.

** The Nail File in the picture is not the prize, you will win a unique,special hand picked by me nail file! Don't you just love suprises?

Don't worry guys,a contest for you will start next month!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Would You Love A New Chicken Recipe?

I love trying out new chicken recipes or just fooling around in the kitchen making up a brand new delicious and sometimes healthy meal! I been thinking of something to spice up all this chicken i local grocery store had them for .69 cents a pound and I got every single package they had haha.

Well Heres my recipe and if you want to try it,you wont regret it! My family loves it and asked for me to make it again.

Note: I have a family of 4 and you can double it or shorten it!

What you need:

  • 3 pounds of chicken ( .69 per a pound)
  • 1 packet of weber white wine and herb marinade mix-to make it you need a lil oil and water ( with coupon i got this for .12 cents lol but the original price is .62 at your nearest walmart!)
  • Fresh or dried basil ( You Decide,I use fresh from my garden)
  • A Pepper ( Green,Red,Yellow,or Orange)

  1. Take the chicken if on the bone,like mine was and remove the skin and take a nice sharp knife and remove the chicken from the bone. When you remove all the chicken,cut it up in chunks ( size does not matter,I prefer lil bigger than bite size).

  2. Mix the marinade together and throw the basil along with it.

  3. Place the cut up chicken in the marinade bowl,place some plastic wrap over the top and place in fridge for 20 mins.

  1. Get your skillet pan ready with a lil oil ( I just put enough in to cover the skillet bottom and then let it heat up)
  2. Throw in any kind of peppers that you like. ( I use roasted red peppers,that are roasted on the grill..those are done the day before but you dont have too) and then place the marinated chicken in with them aswell.

  3. Now when they are cooked and look like you want to dive into them lol they are done.

I paired this chicken with some corn, mashed potatos and with the bits that were in the skillet i made a nice white wine herb basil white gravy.

  1. Take some butter and place it in the skillet ( After You Remove The Chicken).
  2. Add A little flour and mix into the butter ( it will start getting thick like a paste form).
  3. then add some milk(soy milk works great also) and let it simmer til its the right type of gravy that you prefer. ( Taste it and if needed add some salt and pepper)

  • My Mom gave me a thumbs up and asked for another plate,right when she was finished :) she said it was the best chicken shes had in ages. She would not let me photo her smiling face lol but i thought i would mention it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Mystery With Duncan Hines

Okay now im all excited to bake these cookies and im getting my ingredients mixed very well and not to mention these were 1.00 at the super-market. The makes 16 cookies part,made me want them cause I was like wow i can have a bunch for a dollar.

Well now,I dont know about you,but I dont like small cookies that look like pennies lol. So i made them decent size..Well heres what i received from the box:

7 cookies!!! ok now those dont look that big,and i dont think i could of doubled it either. So Duncan Hines either cant measure right or they like specks of cookies on a tray!

So Now People Tell Me,What are your thought's on this? :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do You Love Coffee???

Contest starting now til July 5th!! I'm giving away samples of instant coffee from Tasters Choice to 1 Lucky Person.

Heres what you will get:

(1)Hazelnut instant coffee packet
(2) 100% Colombian coffee packets
(2) Decaffeinated coffee packets
(2)Regular coffee packets

Just post a comment on this blog and tell me why you would love to win this!

**Please include you email in the post,so I can notify you when you win!

WINNER IS: ReadingIsSoMuchFun-LindaH